ten and a half

hunger games is epic :D

I think the Hunger Games is a great movie (and book) I definitely recommend this film,

5 stars out of 5. The best part was all of it!

I hope I have the same feelings about the Avengers when i see it (very soon!)  :)

Minecraft universal dragons.

I think Minecraft should have new realms and a dragon for each one, including the natural¬†world. It would be very cool. And instead of a dragon egg you would get a dragon essence. Combine them all and Herobrine comes to you (cue cut scene that’s better than the Minecraft credits) riding a returned Enderdragon :O. You can’t hurt Herobrine until the Enderdragon is dead. Once you kill him (the following is all epic cut scene); the world is beautiful again, the corupted realms are purified, all the monsters turn back to humans and the slimes turn to water, the spiders shrink back, the ghasts explode and testificates turn back to humans as well, then you spot a red egg and a crack appears…

Possible team AVO challenge :D

I recently saw team AVO’s channel. Pretty impressive. I’m thinking of creating a server with 10 extremely hard challenges with me the overmodded overpowered admin. Taunting them while riding the enderdragon and attacking them every once and a while. This will be EXTREME!!!!! Best part- they will be fighting a 10 (possibly 11) year old. This may or may not happen but it will be clear in a few months. Stay tuned.

Intro to AI

I just completed unit 1 of Introduction to Artificial Intelligence online from Stanford University. It’s pretty cool, I think you should try it.


skyrim minecraft mod

If I’m right, someone’s making a Skyrim mod for Minecraft. I think they should make it in separate mods capable of interaction. Like Skyrim spells mod, Skyrim weapons mod and Skyrim skills mod so they could make a mod pack. Anyway, I think it would make it easier because they could focus on one subject at a time for efficiency.

Awesome minecraft glitch!

I was playing minecraft yesterday and decided to do hard difficulty.

All the monsters were neutral!!! Even the endermen were safe to look at!

It could be that I was playing in creative mode.

Whatever the case, it was amazing!

Video I made about social thinking


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